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I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in November 2013.  My doctor gave me two options, one of 3 types of surgery, or a combination hormone therapy combined with radiation.  Side effects of both would most likely be the same, erectile dysfunction and incontinence.  The risks of infection are also tied to surgery.  I’d seen enough horror stories in life to know this was a real threat.  Although the doctor DID say that the success rate of surgery and hormone/radiation therapy were about equal, I didn’t like the sound of irradiating myself on purpose and making myself sicker in the hopes of killing the cancer.  The radiation would go on for 2 years.  But in BOTH cases, even once the cancer was gone, I would have to be checked for cancer periodically to make sure it didn’t come back.

I am a trained engineer.  I learned root cause analysis at the best companies in the world, and I knew that the options only dealt with the symptoms not the underlying root cause.  I was determined to do my own research to find a better way, one that would get me healthier instead of sicker.

Don’t get me wrong, western medicine saves lots of people.  My doctor is a good doctor and he seems to have compassion for his patients.  But going to war with an enemy who wants to take your life and only going into battle with half your army and half your weapons seems to me to be a recipe for less than satisfactory results.  I’ll take “shock and awe” any day of the week.

I have chosen the Gerson therapy which I am adding other natural methods to.  I have my daughter Yvonne and my cousin Maria, both MDs that are my advisors along the way to give me a safety net.

I am optimistic and will share my results as they become available.

Posted December 3, 2013 by humanhealthyself in Therapies

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