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Body, Mind and Spirit, Healing the Whole Person

When you are healing, consider the Whole Person. We are more than our body, we have to consider our mind and spirit as well for any healing to take place.

As you saw in a previous post, I am stopping further contamination by changing the products that I use in my every day needs. But to clean out the contaminants I already have inside me, I am doing the coffee enemas, which removes macro contaminants as well as cleaning the blood and assisting to clean out the liver as it accumulates toxins from the dying tumor material. I am also using Qivana Detox which removes heavy metals and radiation contaminants. Let me know if you want more information on this product.

The juicing provides me a pure source of concentrated nutrients. This is supplemented by some very specific raw or near raw foods. When added to my aerobic and strength exercises, I feel my body is getting healthier.

A calmness of the mind is necessary to promote good health. To strengthen and calm my mind, I am using calming music, meditation, yoga and Tai Chi.

Spiritual health can come from a variety of techniques, processes and practices. My wife and I go to church, pray daily, meditate but there is so much more. Many respected practitioners believe that emotions cause 90% of all illnesses. Just as the body needs to be cleansed of toxins, parasites and other things that block the flow of blood and energy to maintain good health, so must anger, resentment, pain and sadness and other emotional and spiritual toxins be released.

There are many ways to remove these emotional blocks. These include psychotherapy, chakra clearing, massage, exercise, and my personal favorite, attend a school like Choice Center Leadership University which will raise your Emotional IQ (Emotional Intelligence). I graduated in this field in 2009 and have been Coaching in it since then as well to keep me aware and in a state of contribution.

Once you raise your health in all 3 areas, Body, Mind and Spirit, you will reap the rewards of being able to perform at your highest level as well.

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