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1 Corinthians 13:13

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

When I first heard from my Physician, “You have Cancer” I felt a flush through my face.  He must’ve seen my reaction because he tried to reassure me that there were things that we could do and that Prostate Cancer is slow growing.  It was during this time that the Power of this quote from the Bible really came to life for me.

I told my daughter about my diagnosis right away.  She is my personal “concierge” doctor and I knew she would guide me through this part of my journey.  Until I knew more about the extent of this foreign invader’s incursion, I chose to keep it from anyone except my wife and my daughter and a trusted friend who I knew had gone through this same journey.  Having these people in my corner helped give me some comfort as I found out more answers.

Once I knew that it had not metastasized beyond my prostate, I felt confident to let my sons, siblings and the rest of the world know.  I wanted to let everyone know to stir a Tsunami of Prayer, good ideas, moral support and love to wash over me.

The day after my son Raf knew, he came to wake me at 8 AM.  Yes, I know, for some of you, that is sleeping in.  He put a glass of fresh juice in my hand and told me he had gone shopping for new products for us to use (more on that in an upcoming article).  He also shared with me a book he had gotten from the library, “Healing, The Gerson Way.”  He also told me about some other Alternative Medicine therapies we could use as well.  He hugged me and told me that we were going to beat this, and I felt confident that with love like this in my corner, the Cancer didn’t have a chance.

My wife, Olga has been my partner and is there when I need her help and support.  This therapy is time consuming and requires discipline and commitment, but what I really like about it is that it makes more sense to me to become healthier to beat this enemy of mine rather than weaken myself to beat this enemy.

I have gotten so many wonderful, loving, nurturing, practical, and useful comments and ideas from so many of my dear friends.  I am not alone in this, and THAT makes ALL the difference.

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